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This shows how to install srs ui pri (srs_ui_pri). 1. Add srs.ipa to iTunes

2. Sync your iPad with iTunes.


Go to Settings app and select SRS

1. In Remote Host enter


where IP is the IP address of the machine you are running rosbridge and srs_decision_making

2. In the Video feed 1 enter


3. In the Video feed 2 enter


4. Dynamic joysticks means whether the joystick can be moved around by touching longer on the place where you want to move the joystic to

5. Auto hide means whether joystick will fade out after it is released.

6. Hand manipulation means whether hand controls will show up in the Manual Control view

7. In the Map Server enter the following



1. Start srs_scenarios

2. Start the topics for UI_PRI error handling (mendatory) srs_scenarios

3. Start srs_mixed_reality_server

4. Start rosbridge

rosrun rosbridge rosbridge.py

4. Start the app on your iPad

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