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Getting started

  1. STDR Simulator setup

    Describes how to download and build STDR Simulator

  2. Installation of STDR Simulator on Groovy

    Describes how to install STDR Simulator on Groovy

STDR Simulator usage and tools

  1. Running STDR Simulator

    How to start the STDR Simulator, using launchers.

  2. How to load a map

    Loading a map, using command-line tools

  3. Robot manipulation

    How to move and delete robots in the environment, using command-line tools

  4. Create resources using files

    How to create a robot using a Yaml or an XML file

STDR Graphical User Interface

  1. GUI toolbar

    Description of the available GUI tools

  2. Basic GUI usage

    THis tutorial explains how to load a map from the STDR GUI and how to spawn a robot in it.

  3. Robot click functionalities

    Description of user interaction with robots in the map using the mouse

  4. Visualizers and visualization status

    How to visualize the sensors topics, as well as hide robots or sensors.

  5. Robot creator

    Describes how to create robots and sensors from scratch, or load them and save them using YAML files.

Use STDR Simulator with other packages

  1. Create a map using gmapping

    How to create a map using a slam package (gmapping) and a simple obstacle avoidance node to move a robot autonomously while mapping.

  2. Using turtlebot for tepeoperation

    This tutorial explains how to employ the turtlebot package in order to teleoperate a robot in STDR Simulator

  3. Teleop with teleop_twist_keyboard

    This tutorial explains how to teleop a simulated robot using teleop_twist_keyboard

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