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  1. Overview


Control the robot joints in all kinematic configurations, publishes odom topic and, if configured, also tf odom to base_link. Usually takes as input joystick commands and generates as outputs references for the gazebo controllers defined in summit_xl_control. This package permits an alternative way to control the robot motion (4 motorwheels) that by default is carried on by the Gazebo plugin (skid-steer). In the default configuration this package only controls the pan-tilt camera joints. When used as main controller of the simulated robot, this node also computes the odometry of the robot using the joint movements and a IMU and publish this odometry to /odom. The node has a flag in the yaml files that forces the publication or not of the odom->base_footprint frames, needed by the localization and mapping algorithms.

2024-07-13 14:39