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text_locator is a ROS package that can detect and recognize text in images from the MS kinect / Asus Xtion sensors. Also, it can give you spatial information about the text, ie. where the text is in the 3D space, with respect to the sensor.

example usage video:


Install the text_locator package from the github repo (see here). Then download the CCV library from here, and compile it. The result will be a static library file, libccv.a. Copy this file to the /lib folder of the package.

To compile CCV, extract the tarball, cd to [extractedCCV]/lib folder, run ./configure followed by make. When configuring, the 'swscale' is the only component that is needed. The other compilation options (enable SSE2, use openmp etc..) are optional.



roslaunch text_locator text_locator.launch

The output of the node is advertised on text_locator_topic.


More detailed documentation is included in the git repo's readme file here.

2024-07-13 14:39