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What can I use ViSP for?

This package provides packaging of the ViSP library for ROS. For information about the ViSP library, please see the ViSP main page at https://visp.inria.fr.

ViSP provides several trackers which relies on visual servoing techniques to track an object and estimate its position in real-time.

The next video shows what can be done with visp_tracker package that uses visp package.

The next video shows what can be done with visp_auto_tracker package that uses also visp package.

This other video shows how using demo_pioneer package that depends on visp it may possible to control a Pioneer P3-DX mobile robot using visual servoing.

Installing ViSP

To install ViSP and additional third party dependencies such as OpenCV, Coin, ... please run the following command:

  •    1   $ rosmake --rosdep-install visp

  •    1   $ rosmake visp

  $ sudo apt-get install ros-$ROS_DISTRO-visp

External documentation

ViSP is a library that is maintained by Inria Lagadic research team ViSP homepage.

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