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This stack is currently end-of-life.

For alternatives, see

Choose your driver

There are several ROS drivers for the Kinect. At the ROS level, both provide point clouds, but the underlying implementations are very different and offer different benefits.

Mailing List

For Kinect related discussions, please join us at ros-kinect@code.ros.org (click here for subscription information). The mailing list is publicly archived on Nabble: http://kinect-with-ros.976505.n3.nabble.com

For discussions regarding 3D processing algorithms and PCL, please join us at pcl-users@code.ros.org (see http://pcl.ros.org for more information). For other general purpose ROS related questions that do not concern the Kinect sensor or PCL, please join us at ros-users@code.ros.org (see http://wiki/Support for more information).

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