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This package provides a simple GUI for viewing and controlling the state of a node compliant with the actuator_array_driver. The joint names to be controlled are read from the parameter server. The same yaml formats used by the Actuator Array Driver are also acceptable here, so the same configuration file may be used for both nodes. If available, this node also parses the robot description urdf for joint limits and other information.

The GUI provides the user with two sets of information for each joint: (1) the command and (2) the current state of each joint. The user may adjust the command position slider and change the values of the velocity and effort fields. Clicking on the Send button causes the GUI to publish a single sensor_msgs/JointState message on the command topic. Toggling the Auto Send button causes the GUI to continuously send command messages at a rate of 10Hz. The Home and Stop buttons produce the corresponding service calls.


ROS Nodes


Subscribed Topics

joint_states (sensor_msgs/JointState)

Published Topics

command (sensor_msgs/JointState)

Called Services

stop (std_srvs/Empty)

home (std_srvs/Empty)


robot_description_parameter (string, default: robot_description)

joints (string)

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