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This package generates a grid of points to cover the map. The grid can be used as basis to create camera_poses to search the room with the asr_direct_search_manager.


The grid consists of grid points. Each grid point represents a positon on the map. A grid point can be reached by the robot or not if it is on a static obstacle. There are different parameters to adjust the grid on the map. It is possible to assign a range for some parameters. For each combination a grid will be generated and the one with the most grid points will be outputted. At the end the grid points will be sorted with TSP (nearest_neighbour and two_opt).



The asr_robot_model_services has to be run.

Needed packages



Start system

roslaunch asr_robot_model_services RobotModelServiceSim.launch

roslaunch asr_grid_creator grid_creator.launch

ROS Nodes

Published Topics

direct_search/grid_visualization (MarkerArray): Visualisation of the grid


Launch file


ExitXML: The path to a file where the generated grid should be saved

yaml file


width: the width of the grid height: the hieght of the grid !GridType: the shape of each grid point. It can be Hex or Quad !HamiltonCycle: if the generated positions should make a HamiltonCycle or not startX/startY: start postition of the robot (for sorting the postitions)

!StepSize(Min/Max/Step): the size of each cell or rather the half of the distance between two neighbors of grid points Htrans(Min/Max/Step): horizontal translation offset applied to the grid Vtrans(Min/Max/Step): vertical translation offset applied to the grid Offset(Min/Max/Step): rotation offset applied to the grid

The (Min/Max/Step) defines the ranges in which the generation took place. The best one will be saved at the end. The best grid is the one with the most grid points.

Needed Services

asr_robot_model_services: IsPositionAllowed, GetDistance


The generation of the grid is part of the AsrDirectSearchManagerTutorialGrid.

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