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This package contains a library which is used to convert image data structures between ROS and IVT.



The structure of this library is based on the cv_bridge-package, for more information you can check out the documentation for that.


Needed packages

ROS Nodes


As this package only contains a library there are no subscribed/published topics or services.


Include ivt_image.h and/or ivt_calibration.h to your code, depending on what you want to convert (images or camera calibrations).

Convert an image

To convert a sensor_msgs::Image to a CByteImage of the IVT-library call one of the following functions (notice that the toIvtCopy-functions create a copy of the input messages while the other ones try to share the data if possible):

IvtImagePtr toIvtCopy(const sensor_msgs::ImageConstPtr& source, const std::string& encoding = std::string());
IvtImagePtr toIvtCopy(const sensor_msgs::Image& source, const std::string& encoding = std::string());


IvtImageConstPtr toIvtShare(const sensor_msgs::ImageConstPtr& source, const std::string& encoding = std::string());
IvtImageConstPtr toIvtShare(const sensor_msgs::Image& source, const boost::shared_ptr<void const>& tracked_object, const std::string& encoding = std::string());

The return-value is a IvtImagePtr-object, which contains a CByteImage* member called image.

To convert such an IvtImage back to ROS call one of the following member functions:

sensor_msgs::ImagePtr toImageMsg() const;
void toImageMsg(sensor_msgs::Image& ros_image) const;

Convert camera calibration messages:

To convert a ROS sensor_msgs::CameraInfo to an IVT CCalibration instantiate either an IvtCalibration or an IvtStereoCalibration object (depends on your camera system: mono or stereo). Then call one of the provided member functions with the ROS-CameraInfo-message you want to convert (for a stereo system you have to provide messages of both cameras of course):

bool fromCameraInfo(const sensor_msgs::CameraInfo& msg);
bool fromCameraInfo(const sensor_msgs::CameraInfoConstPtr& msg);

in case of a mono camera system and

bool fromCameraInfo(const sensor_msgs::CameraInfo& left, const sensor_msgs::CameraInfo& right);
bool fromCameraInfo(const sensor_msgs::CameraInfoConstPtr& left, const sensor_msgs::CameraInfoConstPtr& right);

in case of a stereo one.

The converted message can be obtained with the provided getter-functions (depends again on your used camera system):

boost::shared_ptr<CCalibration> getCalibration(bool forRectifiedImages=false) const;
boost::shared_ptr<CStereoCalibration> getStereoCalibration(bool forRectifiedImages=false) const;

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