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Only released in EOL distros:  

cirkit_unit03_common: cirkit_unit03_control | cirkit_unit03_description

Package Summary

The cirkit_unit03_control package


This package contains CIR-KIT-Unit03 control configuration, for interfacing with ros_control (steer_drive_controller), ira_laser_tools, laser_filters, and lower_step_detector. All file paths are relative to the base package.

Sensor Input

Scaned data from 2 LRFs on CIR-KIT-Unit03 is merged with ira_laser_tools and filtered via laser_filters.

lower_step_detector can be used as and downstairs detection by installing a LRF with a lower angle.

Velocity Input

CIR-KIT-Unit03 velocity input is directly received from steer_drive_controller.

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