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This package provides the implementation of the cob_command_gui as a RViz Plugin for operating Care-O-bot.

Note: The cob_command_gui_rviz package is written for ROS Electric using the wxWidgets library. As of the ROS Fuerte release Rviz is moving from the wxWidgets library to the Qt library.

There is no version for ROS Fuerte available at the moment!


Hardware Requirements

To use this package you don't need any hardware, but it is intended to be used with either a real Care-O-bot or a simulated one (see cob_bringup or cob_bringup_sim).


The cob_command_gui_rviz package provides a configurable RViz Plugin for operating different hardware parts of Care-O-bot. The command_gui_rviz uses the functionalities of the cob_script_server package.


command_gui_rviz_panel.cpp is configurable by a .yaml file to send topics and services. Inside the command_gui_rviz mainly actionlib calls are used.


command_gui_rviz.cpp creates the controls for the plugin, which is described in the /lib/plugin.yaml file.


init.cpp associates the registered class with the data in the yaml file and is connected to the running RViz by calls to TypeRegistry.registerDisplay() in the plugin's rvizPluginInit() function:

   1 #include "rviz/plugin/type_registry.h"
   2 #include "cob_command_gui_rviz/command_gui_rviz.h"
   4 extern "C" void rvizPluginInit(rviz::TypeRegistry* reg)
   5 {
   6         reg->registerDisplay<rviz::CommandGuiRviz>("CommandGuiRviz");
   7 }

see rviz_PluginAPI


The cob_script_server implementation.


Building and Uploading

rosdep install cob_command_gui_rviz
rosmake cob_command_gui_rviz

You can upload the cob_command_gui_rviz plugin by selecting the Plugins->Manage... menu item in RViz.

A dialog will pop up letting you manage loading/unloading plugins:


To add the panel, click the Add button at the bottom:

new display.png

For a more detailed introduction see rviz/UserGuide.


For starting the action server:

roscd cob_rviz_movement_control/src

For loading the parameters and starting RViz:

export ROBOT=cob3-3
export ROBOT_ENV=ipa-kitchen
roslaunch cob_command_gui_rviz startup.launch
rosrun rviz rviz

The parameters of the command_gui_rviz are defined in cob_default_env_config and cob_default_robot_config and loaded in the parameter server.

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