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Run Scenario Script

Run Gazebo simulation of Care-O-bot

Make sure you start the Care-O-bot Gazebo simulation first. See this tutorial.

roslaunch cob_experimentation_days experimentation_days_sim.launch

NOTE: Gazebo has high hardware requirements. Normally you see no real time. If you have problems to run gazebo you can look to Gazebo troubleshooting. You can change the view in the simulator.

Add a milk box to the simulation environment

roslaunch cob_gazebo_worlds milk_box.launch

Run Scenario

The Care-O-bot task programming is implemented as a state machine using smach. As you can see in the picture below there are different states, e.g. "wait for task", "move to location" or "grasp object". These smach state machine is written in python script. To run the script execute

rosrun cob_experimentation_days experimentation_days.py

Now you can follow the human readable commands on the terminal and see how the robot starts moving towards the kitchen, grasps the object and delivers it to the sofa.

Smach Viewer

Smach viewer shows a graphical represeantation of the sate machine which is running in order to let the robot perform a task. To visualize the current script run

rosrun smach_viewer smach_viewer.py

The task grogramming of Care-O-bot is done in smach. You can do some Smach Tutorials to learn more about Smach.


Have a look at the source code of the scenario script

In preparation to your homework, have a look at the source code of the script for a better understanding of the state machine and how the robot is programmed. You can find the overall state machine which shows the connection between the individual states in

roscd cob_experimentation_days
gedit scripts/experimentation_days.py

Most of the states are called generic states because they can be reused in a different context. Have a look at them in

roscd cob_generic_states
gedit src/generic_navigation_states.py src/generic_manipulation_states.py src/generic_perception_states.py

If the script is running on your pc: Congratulation! Now you can do your first homework.

Example Video

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