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When should I use SMACH?

SMACH is useful when you want a robot to execute some complex plan, where all possible states and state transitions can be described explicitly. This basically takes the hacking out of hacking together different modules to make systems like mobile robotic manipulators do interesting things.

When should I NOT use SMACH?

Is SMACH only a finite state machine library?

You can build a finite state machine using SMACH, but SMACH can do much more. SMACH is a library for task-level execution and coordination, and provides several types of "state containers". One such container, is a finite state machine, but this container can also be a state in another container. See the tutorials page for a list of containers and states built into SMACH.


The documentation page provides an overview of the concepts used in SMACH.

The tutorials page contains an extensive set of tutorials to get you up to speed building and running your own state machines.

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