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This stack implements a controller that executes trajectories for force/impedance control of the end effector of a chain of joints. Each point on the trajectory specifies a wrench or a stiffness around a Cartesian degree of freedom as well as a Cartesian position and orientation.

The stack contains four packages. For details, see the wiki pages of the individual packages:


The ee_cart_imped stack is part of the mit-ros-pkg repository. To download the most recent version of the stack without downloading the whole repository, navigate to a directory on your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH where you want the stack installed and type:

svn co https://svn.csail.mit.edu/mit-ros-pkg/stacks/fuerte/trunk/ee_cart_imped

Upgrading from a Previous Version

In September, 2011 we found that the controller had a race condition that could cause the robot to crash if given many goals in quick succession. This has been fixed in all code available after October, 2011. If you downloaded the code before October, 2011, we strongly recommend you upgrade to a newer version. There are currently three newer versions available:

svn co https://svn.csail.mit.edu/mit-ros-pkg/tags/diamondback/ee_cart_imped-0.2.1-10-7-11

svn co https://svn.csail.mit.edu/mit-ros-pkg/tags/electric/ee_cart_imped-1.1.0-10-7-11

svn co https://svn.csail.mit.edu/mit-ros-pkg/stacks/fuerte/tags/ee_cart_imped-1.2.0-2-1-13

Using the Stack

For instructions on using the stack, see the wiki pages of the individual packages or look at the tutorials. These tutorials are valid for the Electric release and beyond but not the diamondback release.

Report a Bug

Please contact the stack maintainers directly to report a bug.

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