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This site and the code provided here are under active development. Even though we try to only release working high quality code, this version might still contain some issues. Please use it with caution.


This Stack builds on the well known monocular SLAM framework PTAM presented by Klein & Murray in their paper at ISMAR07. Please study the original PTAM website and the corresponding paper before using this code. Also, be aware of the license that comes with it.

We modified the original code such that:

This version of PTAM was successfully used in the European project sFly to estimate a 6DoF pose for long-term vision based navigation of a micro helicopter in large outdoor environments. You may use this version together with the ethzasl_sensor_fusion stack to pose control your MAV in a similar way.

Relevant publications are:

ethzasl_ptam_icarus.jpg ethzasl_ptam_traj.jpg

Vision based MAV navigation in not so small environments: We use ethzasl_ptam and ethzasl_sensor_fusion for vision based navigation for computationally constrained MAVs in large environments:

Top image: vision based height test up to 70m above ground and landing in the same mission

Bottom image: long-term vision based navigation for 360m (one battery life-time) with about 0.4% position drift (Bing Maps)


ptam_com: custom message definitions needed for this stack.

ptam: the modified PTAM in this stack


The following commands will fetch and compile the ethzasl_ptam stack with catkin.

cd ~/catkin_ws/src
git clone https://github.com/ethz-asl/ethzasl_ptam
cd ..

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September 7th 2012

August 21st 2012

May 4th 2012

April 13th 2012

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