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find_base_pose is a PR2-specific package that does search to infer base-poses that guarantee reachability of given points in the map frame (Inverse Capability/Reachability Map).

It can for example be used to find a base pose that allows the right hand to follow an opening trajectory for a cabinet door and the left hand to grasp something from within.

Currently, it is always searching in the order of distance to the current robot pose, slightly prefering translation to rotation. Do not be surprised when the robot does not turn around to reach something behind him but instead grasps blindy behind him - there are no policies like additional visibility implemented yet.

To make sure a grasping pose is reachable after navigation, make sure to drive a little further that just far enough or query find_base_pose with padded grasp poses, such as creating 4 poses 5cm around the actual grasp point in addition.

2024-07-13 13:16