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This package simply wraps around GraspIt!, allowing it to build under the ROS build system. It will get the GraspIt! source code from its original repository, then build it.

As any released ROS stack, it is available as a debian package:

sudo apt-get install ros-[distro]-graspit-simulator

The debian version of this stack comes with a fully built version of GraspIt!. This should allow you to start GraspIt! easily. More often though, you will need to compile GraspIt! from source code yourself in order to add new features.

In this case, still start by installing this stack as a debian as above, as that will pull in all the system dependencies that GraspIt! needs. Then, download this ROS stack and build it from code, which will in turn pull GraspIt!'s code and build it.

By default, this package will pull a tarball with the latest released version of GraspIt!. If you want the latest development version instead, edit CMakeLists.txt and replace Makefile.graspit.tarball with Makefile.graspit.svn.

Summarizing, an easy way to get GraspIt! under ROS from source code is do the following:

sudo apt-get install ros-[distro]-graspit
svn co https://code.ros.org/svn/wg-ros-pkg/stacks/graspit_simulator/tags/[distro] graspit_simulator
//add graspit_simulator to your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH
rosmake graspit

2024-07-13 13:16