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ROS for Human-Robot Interaction

ROS for Human-Robot Interaction (or ROS4HRI) is an umbrella for all the ROS packages, conventions and tools that help developing interactive robots with ROS.


ROS4HRI conventions

The ROS REP-155 (aka, ROS4HRI) defines a set of topics, naming conventions, frames that are important for HRI application. It was originally introduced in the paper 'ROS for Human-Robot Interaction', presented at IROS2021.

The REP-155 is still evolving. On-going changes can be submitted and discussed on the ros-infrastructure/rep Github repository.

Common ROS packages

These packages are all available in ROS noetic (eg, the ros-noetic-hri-msgs debian package).

The source code for these packages (as well as several others) can be found on github.com/ros4hri.

Specialized ROS packages

Feel free to add your own packages to this list, as long as they implement the REP-155.

Face detection, recognition, analysis

Body tracking, gesture recognition


Voice processing, speech, dialogue understanding

Whole person analysis

Group interactions, gaze behaviour


You can access the ROS4HRI tutorials here.

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