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mrpt_graphslam_2d provides support for running either single-robot or multi-robot pose-only graphSLAM, using simulated data (e.g. from Gazebo) or in a real-time setup. Algorithm practically utilises the mrpt-graphslam library to execute graphSLAM, using the ROS communication mechanisms and the multimaster_fkie stack.

Usage Information

Information on how to use the algorithm for either simulation or real-time usage is provided in the Appendix of this document

Running real-time graphSLAM

Additional support for running real-time graphSLAM with either one or with multiple agents is provided in the csl_hw_setup ROS package. The latter provides launchfiles and generic scripts for setting up common tasks in real robot agents (setting up sensor data acquisition processes, processes for starting robot motors etc.) Package is specialized for the robots and equipment of the Control Systems Lab of the National Technical University of Athens but can be easily extended to suppport different platforms, sensors etc.

Running multi-robot simulations in Gazebo

Additional support for running simulations in Gazebo is provided in the csl_robots_gazebo ROS package


Demo videos

Following is a list of demo videos that showcase the algorithm capabilities both in simulations as well as real-time experiments:

Single-robot MRPT graphslam-engine

Multi-robot simulation in Gazebo

Multi-robot real-time experiment

See here

Running provided demos

Package also contains sample datasets, along with the corresponding roslaunch files for easy execution, for both the single- and multi-robot SLAM cases. For more on this see the package README.

API Documentation

Use the rosdoc_lite tool to generate the complete API of this package:

* MRPT graphslam-engine application

* MRPT graphslam-lib

* Multi-robot graphSLAM diploma thesis PDF

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