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Multiple objects detection, tracking and classification from LIDAR scans/point-clouds


Sample demo of multiple object tracking using LIDAR scans

PCL based ROS package to Detect/Cluster --> Track --> Classify static and dynamic objects in real-time from LIDAR scans implemented in C++.



Follow the steps below to use this (multi_object_tracking_lidar) package:

  1. Create a catkin workspace (if you do not have one setup already).

  2. Navigate to the src folder in your catkin workspace: cd ~/catkin_ws/src

  3. Clone this repository: git clone https://github.com/praveen-palanisamy/multiple-object-tracking-lidar.git

  4. Compile and build the package: cd ~/catkin_ws && catkin_make

  5. Add the catkin workspace to your ROS environment: source ~/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash

  6. Run the kf_tracker ROS node in this package: rosrun multi_object_tracking_lidar kf_tracker

If all went well, the ROS node should be up and running! As long as you have the point clouds published on to the filtered_cloud rostopic, you should see outputs from this node published onto the obj_id, cluster_0, cluster_1, …, cluster_5 topics along with the markers on viz topic which you can visualize using RViz.

Supported point-cloud streams/sources:

The input point-clouds can be from:

  1. A real LiDAR or
  2. A simulated LiDAR or
  3. A point cloud dataset or
  4. Any other data source that produces point clouds


If you use the code or snippets from this repository in your work, please cite:

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Checkout the Wiki pages (https://github.com/praveen-palanisamy/multiple-object-tracking-lidar/wiki)

1. Multiple-object tracking from pointclouds using a Velodyne VLP-16

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