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The oculusprime_ros package provides a ROS interface to Xaxxon Technologies' Oculus Prime SLAM Navigator Robot. Nodes in the package communicate with the Oculusprime Server Java Application via socket connection. ROS nodes typically import the Oculus Prime Python Module, to converse with the server using high level text commands (see Oculus Prime Command Reference), and parsing server output. Among other things, the Oculusprime application accepts motor control commands, broadcasts odometry data, and serves up over-internet tele-operation web-browser and mobile clients.

For a complete overview on Oculus Prime's use of ROS and auto-navigation, including a summary of nodes and launch files, see here.

Package Installation

To Install ROS and the Oculus Prime ROS packages and dependencies, including the recommended Orbbec Astra drivers, follow installation instructions here.

Setup Networking between Robot and Workstation

For running the ROS navigation stack, it’s convenient to have ROS running on both the robot and on a workstation on the same LAN. With the workstation running Rviz you can set waypoints, and monitor the robot’s progress via video stream, using the Oculus Prime browser remote interface. NOTE: the prerequisite navigation packages only need to be installed on the robot itself, but the oculusprime_ros package should be on both.

For networking setup instructions, see here.


External Resources

Getting Help

Complete Oculus Prime documentation is maintained at xaxxon.com/documentation.

ROS specific Oculus Prime documentation starts at xaxxon.com/documentation/ROS Overview.

Get in touch with us at xaxxon.com/contact. Report any reproduceable ROS package related bugs to github.com/xaxxontech/oculusprime_ros/issues.

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