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Calibrating the kinect extrinsics vs. the right arm led (fuerte):

1) Get the package from https://github.com/ruehr/pr2_led_kinect_calib.git , put it into your package path and compile it.

2) Launch a roscore and the robot. roscore roslaunch /etc/ros/robot.launch

3) Launch the led controllers: roslaunch pr2_bringup_tests gripper_led_on.launch

4) Launch the kinect: roslaunch rgbd_assembler openni_node_new.launch

6) Bring the right gripper led into the front of the robot, visible by the kinect (e.g. manually via moving the arm while runstopped). The area around the gripper led should be slightly pointing down towards the robot so as to avoid specular reflections from ceiling lights e.g.. The calibration will only work if the kinect sees the led go brighter when switched on, this is not the case when the gripper is seen as saturated white due to light reflections. Since the head moves a specular reflection may occur during the calibration, in which case the user is currently not warned. pr2_led.jpg

5) Run the calibration: rosrun pr2_led_kinect_calib calibration_executive

The calibration routine will look at the led in different angles by moving the head. After some observations were made, a transform is calculated, it's called "kinect post", for convenience the RPY angles are also displayed. The longer the calibration runs the more point correspondances it will collect, so make sure you give it a few minutes if you want to get a good calibration. You can watch how the values change and ctrl-c it once they have more or less settled.

Finally, put the values x,y,z and RPY into the URDF file like:

New pose of head_mount_kinect_ir_link in head_mount_link


RPY 0.0060906 -0.0129728 -0.0121087

<joint name="head_mount_kinect_ir_joint" type="fixed"> <origin rpy="0.0060906 -0.0129728 -0.0121087" xyz="-0.0324269 0.0276795 .0946061"/> <parent link="head_mount_link"/> <child link="head_mount_kinect_ir_link"/> </joint>

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