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Our PR2_Props based demo was accepted to IROS 2011. We hope to see everyone there!



The goal of pr2_props, aside from just generally being awesome and making you feel good, is to demonstrate the PR2's ability to do dynamic human interaction. It has been designed to use low-latency real-time controller packages like joint_trajectory_action and pr2_gripper_sensor_action so that PR2 is capable of quickly and sensitively responding to a human slapping the robot's hand.

Currently pr2_props supports 3 main behaviors:

Getting pr2_props

The first step is getting the code from the upenn repository, or installing the prebuilt binaries.

Installing from binary

You can install pr2_props from the prebuilt binaries (diamondback, electric, fuerte and unstable) with:

sudo apt-get install ros-<version>-pr2-props-stack 

Installing from source

Alternatively, you can checkout a local copy of the code and built it yourself. To checkout the code using svn you should use the command below:

svn co https://mediabox.grasp.upenn.edu/svn/penn-ros-pkgs/pr2_props_stack/trunk/pr2_props ~/ros/pr2_props


Before using pr2_props you must compile it and it's dependencies. This can be done simply by running:

rosmake pr2_props

If you have not previously built the real-time controller libraries associated with the pr2_gripper_sensor_action package dependency it is important you build pr2_props prior to launching the robot.

Above we assume ~/ros is part of your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH


Once you have compiled pr2_props there is one simple step you must do before you can celebrate with your robot. First you need to launch the real-time controllers that allow the robot to sense dynamic hand contact. This can be done simply by:

roslaunch pr2_props pr2_props.launch

After this you are free to party with your robot in any of the following ways:

for continuous repeating of different props:
rosrun  pr2_props run_all_props.sh 
or individually one-by-one:
rosrun pr2_props high_five (left/right/double)
rosrun pr2_props low_five (left/right)
rosrun pr2_props pound (left/right/double) (explode/explosion)
rosrun pr2_props repeat_high_five
rosrun pr2_props hug

In the above commands the values inside () are optional. The robot is naturally right-handed if no hand is specified. explode and explosion have the same effect.

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