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The pr2_gripper_sensor_controller package is a real-time controller that is intended to support the pr2_gripper_sensor_action interface and allow it to:

  1. Act as a fully compatible replacement for the simpler pr2_gripper_action interface.

  2. Provide new functionality to allow more complex gripper actions in real-time that are able to delicately and sensitively control the gripper position and force, as well as provide a wealth of sensory feedback.

Currently the pr2_gripper_sensor_controller can only be accessed over the pr2_gripper_sensor_action action interface. There is no other API support at this time. Please refer to the pr2_gripper_sensor_action wiki page for usage and feature information.

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The pr2_gripper_sensor_controller package continuously publishes several messages defined in the pr2_gripper_sensor_msgs package, which are intended for use in the action servers of pr2_gripper_sensor_action and not for normal user usage, but can provide useful information for more advanced users.

Hardware Dependecies

The pr2_gripper_sensor_controller requires two important PR2 sensors to be available:

A simple test to check if these sensors exist is to run the command rostopic list and check to make sure the /accelerometer and /pressure fields are present.

Running the Controller


If you are not using a prebuilt installation you may have to compile the pr2_gripper_sensor_controller package. Since the pr2_gripper_sensor_controller package is a real-time controller, it is important to remember to compile the package before launching your robot, otherwise it will fail to register and load correctly with pluginlib. Compiling can be done simply by typing:

rosmake pr2_gripper_sensor_controller

Or by building any of the higher-level packages (such as pr2_gripper_sensor_action which depend on this package) before launching your robot.


See the pr2_gripper_sensor_action launch instructions, which will automatically launch the pr2_gripper_sensor_controller package for both the left and right PR2 grippers. Specific left/right launch files are available in the pr2_gripper_sensor_controller package, but it is unecessary for the end user to launch them independently.

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