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Filters the robot's body out of point clouds and laser scans. It is based on robot_self_filter but it can do a lot more things.

Changes vs github.com/PR2/robot_self_filter

Video Tutorial

Check out the recording of webinar where most of the parameters of the filter are explained and demonstrated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0ljV0uZy3Q .

Filter Operation Preview

robot_body_filter intro robot_body_filter models robot_body_filter split robot_body_filter bounds robot_body_filter cut

Basic Operation

filters::FilterBase API

The basic workings of this filter are done via the filters::FilterBase API implemented for sensor_msgs::LaserScan and sensor_msgs::PointCloud2 types. This means you can load this filter into a FilterChain along other filters as usual. Different from the standard filters, this one can also publish several interesting topics and subscribes to TF.

Subscribed Topics

Published Topics

Provided Services

Filter Parameters

Debug Operation

These options are there to help correctly set up and debug the filter operation and should be turned off in production environments since they can degrade performance of the filter.

Published Topics

Filter Parameters

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