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This is part of the Robotics in Concert project.

Robotics In Concert

Robotics in concert is an effort to make multimaster ros as practical as possible in order to provide practical solutions to multi-robot-device-tablet problems. A big part motivation of this is to lower the barrier to providing business opportunities for robotics.

From a technical perspective, it is a centralized multimaster system built around the ros communication layer. Nonetheless, it should be able to incorporate other robots/components into the design at the lower level. We believe that this approach is the most feasible approach to getting a practical and usable system up and running as quickly as possible.


Indigo Release

human interactions, robot resources, a scheduler and an orchestration agnostic service paradigm.

Hydro Release

early proof of concept concert framework but orchestration at the higher level is still a black box.

Groovy Release

multimaster gateway communications and tools.



2024-07-13 13:21