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To access these plugins, launch the rqt_bag GUI tool (see rqt_bag for details), right-click on the timeline of the desired topic select a view type from the context menu.

rqt_bag message views


The following plugins are currently provided for rqt_bag:


The image view displays raw image data for sensor_msgs/Image and sensor_msgs/CompressedImage messages:

rqt_bag image view

Re-sizing the window scales the image.


The plot view displays a time series plot of numeric fields in a ROS message. The view inherits from the rqt_plot code base, so all plotting options are the same as with rqt_plot.

rqt_bag plot view

To plot a message field, select the field from the list in the right window (Note: currently only fields from the same message topic can be plotted in the same view window).

Clicking on the Configure Plot button in the toolbar opens a new window for selecting the plotting backend and marker preferences.

By default, the plotted data is sub-sampled in time to minimize the cpu load. To change the sampling resolution, deselect 'auto' in the Resolution section and enter a sampling time in seconds. The plotted data will automatically refresh with the new sampling time.

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