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This package reads a specified bitmap and send targets by replaying the drawn movement.

It also receives an input topic and calculates the MSE for each cycle of the bitmap plot. The MSE is output to ROS_INFO and published in the topic mse_out.

For example, using this png file simple movement will send targets between the specified min and max values on a (very) rough sinusoid. The black dot on each row represents the percentage between min and max. The top of the graph is 100% (=max), the bottom is 0% (=min).

ROS interface

How to run

The recommended way of using this package is:

rosrun sr_movements sr_movements /sr_movements/targets:=/sh_ffj3_mixed_position_velocity_controller/command /sr_movements/inputs:=/sh_ffj3_mixed_position_velocity_controller/state _image_path:="`rospack find sr_movements`/movements/test.png" _min:=.1 _max:=1.4 _publish_rate:=100 _repetition:=5 _nb_step:=1000 _msg_type:="sr"

Topics published and subscribed

Publishes /sr_movements/targets with the targets values.

Publishes /sr_movements/mse_out with the calculated MSE values.

Subscribe to /sr_movements/inputs to receive the data to calculate MSE.


where we:


If you have more than one point in the same row, the higher point will be taken into account.

If there's a gap in your drawn line, then we'll continue publishing the last value until we get to a new value.

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