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Create a static 2D map of the environment

see cob_mapping_slam

record map to srs_user_tests package

roscd srs_user_tests/ros/config/ipa-apartment
rosrun map_server map_saver

Create initial environment model

start navigation with new map

roscd srs_user_tests/ros/config/ipa-apartment
roslaunch cob_navigation_global 2dnav_ros_dwa.launch map:=$(pwd)/map.yaml

record bag file on pc2 (TODO: Check if topics are correct)

rosbag record -O /tmp/srs_setup.bag /tf /cam3d/depth_registered/points

create environment model for BUT version

rosbag play /tmp/srs/srs_setup.bag
roslaunch srs_env_model but_envmodel_robot.launch

Save map

roslaunch srs_user_tests save_octomap.launch
roscd srs_user_tests/data
mv saved_octomap.enm ipa-apartment/octomap.enm

Load map

roslaunch srs_user_tests load_octomap.launch

create environment model for IPA version

rosbag play /tmp/srs/srs_setup.bag
roslaunch cob_3d_mapping_pipeline mapping.launch
rosrun cob_3d_mapping_point_map trigger_mapping.py <start|stop>

Save map to bag file

rosrun cob_3d_mapping_geometry_map get_geometry_map /tmp/srs/geomap.bag
roscd srs_user_tests/data/ipa-apartment
cp /tmp/srs/geomap.bag .

Load initial map from bag file

roscd srs_user_tests/data/ipa-apartment
roslaunch cob_3d_mapping_geometry_map set_geometry_map.launch file_path:=geomap.bag


rosrun rviz rviz

Start user tests

on robot or simulation machine

Start srs components on robot

roslaunch srs_user_tests run_test.launch exp:=e2 task:=man2 cond:=a sim:=false log:=true id:=p1

on remote pc

roslaunch srs_user_tests run_test_remote.launch exp:=e2 task:=man2 cond:=a sim:=false log:=true id:=p1

Arguments exp, task, cond, sim and id have the same meaning for both launch files. Just id has slightly different function:

Simulation environment

We developed a highly realistic model apartment for the Gazebo simulator with many textured furniture items and household objects with realistic physical features such as weight, friction resistance, centre of gravity. The model apartment includes a kitchen with dining area, several corridors, a living room, and a bedroom with furniture and other household objects. It resembles actual premises at Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart, Germany.

Gazebo environment

Usage instructions

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