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Vrep_ros_bridge is a meta-package. It contains the Vrep_ros_plugin and all the handlers.

Vrep_ros_plugin contains the main code of the bridge. We wrote Vrep_ros_plugin starting from a template called v_repExtPluginSkeleton, available in the V-REP folder "/programming" with the porpoise to create your own plugin. You can find more information about the plugins in V-REP here.

Ros V-Rep Plugin used the pluginlib package pluginlib package. Pluginlib is a C++ library for loading and unloading plugins from within a ROS package. Plugins (the handlers) are dynamically loadable classes that are loaded from a runtime library (i.e. shared object, dynamically linked library). In this way ours handler are actually plugins with some dependencies.

GenericObjectHandler contains all the objects in the scene to which we have added a custom data. The handlers are derived classes that redefines the functions of the GenericObjectHandler in order to handle the object.

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