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sr_visualization: sr_gui_bootloader | sr_gui_change_controllers | sr_gui_change_muscle_controllers | sr_gui_controller_tuner | sr_gui_grasp_controller | sr_gui_hand_calibration | sr_gui_joint_slider | sr_gui_motor_resetter | sr_gui_movement_recorder | sr_gui_muscle_driver_bootloader | sr_gui_self_test | sr_visualization_icons

Package Summary

A GUI plugin for bootloading the muscle drivers on the etherCAT muscle shadow hand.


This is similar to sr_gui_bootloader but is used for the version of the hand that employs air pressure actuated muscles instead of electric motors. Select one or more muscle driver(s) and a hex file and the click Bootload Motors.

Muscle bootloader

2020-02-15 13:13