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See Robots/CIR-KIT-Unit03 for instructions and tutorials.


Minimum required packages for CIR-KIT-Unit03. This package doesn't include system application launch files so please also check cirkit_unit03_apps if you are interested in whole navigation system call including both real robot and simulation (Gazebo).


The following commands grab all required packages for CIR-KIT-Unit03 navigation with rosdep and wstool, and then execute catkin_make and catkin_make run_tests.

Clone this repository.

$ cd <catkin_ws>/src
$ git clone https://github.com/CIR-KIT-Unit03/cirkit_unit03_pkgs.git

Run install script.

cd <catkin_ws>/src/cirkit_unit03_pkgs
sh install.sh


Basical packages for CIR-KIT-Unit03

Cloned via cirkit_unit03_pkgs.rosinstall

Dependent packages for CIR-KIT-Unit03

Cloned via cirkit_unit03_pkgs.rosinstall

Directory configuration after Installation

└ src
   ├ cirkit_unit03_deps (Just a directory, not a metapacage)
   │   |
   |   ├ ira_laser_tools (Cloned via cirkit_unit03_pkgs.rosinstall)
   │   |
   |   ├ lower_step_detector (Cloned via cirkit_unit03_pkgs.rosinstall)
   │   |
   │   └ steer_drive_ros (Cloned via cirkit_unit03_pkgs.rosinstall)
   └ cirkit_unit03_pkgs
       ├ cirkit_unit03_pkgs (Metapackage)
       ├ cirkit_unit03_common (Cloned via cirkit_unit03_pkgs.rosinstall)
       ├ cirkit_unit03_navigation (Cloned via cirkit_unit03_pkgs.rosinstall)
       ├ cirkit_unit03_robot (Cloned via cirkit_unit03_pkgs.rosinstall)
       └ cirkit_unit03_simulator (Cloned via cirkit_unit03_pkgs.rosinstall)

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