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This package has been moved to the knowrob_addons repository on github:


Related paper:

Moritz Tenorth, Daniel Nyga, and Michael Beetz, Understanding and Executing Instructions for Everyday Manipulation Tasks from the World Wide Web, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2010 https://ias.in.tum.de/_media/spezial/bib/tenorth10webinstructions.pdf


Using the computables defined here, it is possible to query for a plan by giving a natural-language command like 'set the table' and retrieve a description of all required steps in form of an OWL TBOX specification.

The temporary OWL file returned from the Java-based import system is directly parsed and the main concept describing the plan as a whole is returned.


For proper functioning, the Cyc ontology (opencyc.org) has to be installed and must be running:


You can either start a ROS service that responds with an OWL action description to a natural language command like 'set a table' or use the system from within KnowRob.

For the first option, just call

For calling comp_ehow from within KnowRob, call

roscd comp_ehow
rosrun rosprolog rosprolog comp_ehow
rdf_triple(knowrob:forCommand, A, 'set a table').
A = 'http://www.owl-ontologies.com/Ontology1252257693.owl#SetATable'

The variable (here: A) will be bound to the identifier of the plan that has been generated and already been parsed, so that you can use it for reasoning.


A description how to use the GUI can be found here: http://ias.in.tum.de/kb/wiki/index.php/Manual


At the moment, the howtos are read from text files in the howtos directory

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