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DEVELOPMENTAL: This status indicates that this software is not yet production ready code. The software has some level of unit-testing. There are known issues and missing functionality. The APIs are unstable but unlikely to change drastically. Use in production systems will likely require modifications including improvements and/or bug fixes. For more information see the ROS-Industrial software status page.

Robots compatible to hrpsys


HRP2, (DRC2015 contender. ROS package not disclosed)

HRP4 Miim

HRP4, (ROS package not disclosed)




Schaft, (DRC Trial 2013 winner)

Atlas on Gazebo

Atlas on gazebo, Gazebo pkg


JAXON (DRC2015 contender)


AERO (DRC2015 contender)


Notable features


For developer

Steps to release a new version

As a 3rd party package to ROS we need some extra chores to release. Discussed here. NOTE for 2 different repositories are involved:


  1. Send a pull request to fkanehiro/hrpsys-base to update a tag in CMakeLists.txt. Example. This way community will decide if we're ready for the next release.

  2. Send a pull request to update start-jsk/hrpsys/Makefile.hrpsys-base. Example.

  3. Send a pull request to update start-jsk/hrpsys/CHANGELOG.rst.

    • 3-1. Use this script to copy commit messages from upstream fkanehiro/hrpsys-base.

      3-2. Summarize commit messages into user-meaningful content (discussion).

      3-3. (Rare) If there's an update in ROS repository (start-jsk/hrpsys), add change logs into the one created in 3-2. Maybe use catkin_generate_changelog command to auto-generate it, and manually merge.

  4. After here follow the normal release manner: Update tags and package.xml by using catkin_prepare_release.

Notice that we're sending pull requests to two different repositories; one is the source upstream repository that isn't ROS-dependent, another repository is used to release a DEB using ROS infrastructure.

2024-07-20 13:21