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Other than API documentation being available here, this package is missing document and your contribution is appreciated. Please contact through this ticket.

Model config file generation

In its downstream package, you might see a folder for conf files (e.g. hironx_ros_bridge/conf) where only template files with suffix .in are stored. Once you build the package the concrete files are generated into the same folder. There are 3 types of conf files of which the distinction may not be very clear (related discussion):

For Maintainers

Tweak to release into Groovy

While in current design the package depends on pr2_controllers_msgs that's catkinized from hydro onward and not available in groovy, some hacks allow the package not to separate branches (regardless it's good or not, doing so is the decision as of March 2014). This requires another hack during release process using bloom as follows:

  1. Run bloom as normal. E.g. $ bloom-release --rosdistro groovy --track groovy rtmros_common.

  2. Once bloom halts and its command prompt starts waiting on the same terminal (the output might look as following), edit package.xml to comment out lines for declaring build and run depend on pr2-controllers.

    • $ bloom-release --rosdistro groovy --track groovy rtmros_common
      >>> Resolve any conflicts and when you have resolved this problem run 'git am --resolved' and then exit the shell using 'exit 0'. <<<
          To abort use 'exit 1'
      (bloom)emacs package.xml 

      Modify package.xml as:

      <!-- <build_depend>pr2_controllers</build_depend> -->
      <!-- <run_depend>pr2_controllers</run_depend> -->
  3. Run git add, $ git am --skip, git commit like below, and exit 0 respectively. If all succeeds then bloom resumes.

    • (bloom)git add package.xml
      (bloom)git am --skip
      Resolve operation not in progress, we are not resuming.
      (bloom)git commit -m "3rd trial commentout pr2 pkg" -a
      [release/groovy/hrpsys_ros_bridge 1c05bbc] 3rd trial commentout pr2 pkg
       1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)
      (bloom)git status
      # On branch release/groovy/hrpsys_ros_bridge
      # Your branch is ahead of 'origin/release/groovy/hrpsys_ros_bridge' by 8 commits.
      nothing to commit (working directory clean)
      (bloom)exit 0
       [git-bloom-patch import]: User reports that conflicts have been resolved, continuing.
       [git-bloom-patch import]: Applied 2 patches
      (bloom continues)

2024-07-20 13:21