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Rocon interactions are designed to fill a hole in the ros ecosystem for the human user/developer. They address the following problems:

Interactions can be one of any number of means of connecting you, with your ros system. It could be as simple as finding documentation, running monitoring programs, introspecting the system or directly interacting with some part via a qt, android or web app.

For a ros environment, the problem isn't so dramatic. You can usually poke around the documentation and installed packages and roslaunchers, but if your project becomes sufficiently complex, you'll find yourself having to either wade through documentation (some of which may be out of date) and a maze of launchers (some of which may no longer be relevant, or even work).

For android and web apps, the situation is difficult since you generally don't have a tool like roslaunch to aid you in customising the configuration for your application (parameters and remappings). Rocon interactions is also designed to help with that.



Rather than require the user to work out where everything is, we'd like to shift that responsibility to the developer. Since he already knows the ins and outs of what is available, he is the best person to expose that information.


Tutorials only currently available on indigo.

  1. Getting Started

    A walkthrough of the rocon interactions concepts.

  2. Documentation Interactions

    Defining interactions pointing to documentation on the web.

  3. Qt Interactions

    Defining interactions for qt based frontends.

  4. Rviz Interactions

    Defining interactions for rviz configurations.

  5. Web App Interactions

    Defining interactions for web apps.

  6. Android Interactions

    Defining interactions that can launch android activities.


Entity Relationship Diagram

The diagram below visualises how the interactivity specifications (bottom) are served by an interactions node (middle) through remocons on different platforms to launch a wide variety of applications (top).

Entity Relationship

Code Specifications


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