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Various entities in the rocon framework require a specification for describing the kind of resource it is, or the kind of resource it is compatible with. In particular, such a specification must describe entities like robots, define compatibility strings for apps (i.e. what robots/platforms can run this app) and shape robot requests (give me a robot with this specification and able to run this robot app). It is the glue which will ultimately enable us to run a diverse mix of robots and applications together to provide useful robotic solutions.

A typical rocon uri string is of the form:


You will see these flung around a rocon concert frequently at the ros api level. Examples:

Command Line Tools

There is a command line tool for introspecting and testing rocon uri strings:

Utility for introspecting on rocon uri strings.

        rocon_uri parse URI     parse and attempt to validate a rocon URI.
        rocon_uri fields        print a full list of permitted fields in a rocon uri string.
        rocon_uri rules         print a full list of the ebnf rules for a rocon uri string.

Python Module

A detailed specification, the ebnf rules table and examples for parsing and compatibility checking with the python module can be found in the sphinx documentation.

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