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Please note that the source link above is wrong. Please download the SBPL here:

This package implements a generic set of motion planners using search based planning. It was developed by Maxim Likhachev at the University of Pennsylvania in collaboration with Willow Garage.



The API documentation for this package can be found here.

A good resource for technical information on the planners in the SBPL package is Maxim Likhachev's presentation (pdf,movie) at the ROS Cotesys School at TUM, Germany in November 2010.

Motion Primitives

Motion primitives are short, kinematically feasible motions which form the basis of movements that can be performed by the robot platform. Search-based planners (like the ones in this library) can generate paths from start to goal configurations by combining a series of these motion primitives. The result is a smooth kinematically feasible path for the robot to follow.

Several planners make use of SBPL and these motion primitives to produce smooth paths:

Pre-made Motions (x,y,yaw navigation)

This package has two pre-made motion primitive files for the PR2 (though these motions are a reasonable choice for many other robots).

Generating your own Motions (x,y,yaw navigation)

Sometimes the pre-made will not be good enough either because you are using a map of a different resolution (a motion primitive file only works on a map with its corresponding resolution) or because your robot's motions don't match with any of the pre-made motions.

In the matlab/mprim folder there are several matlab scripts which are easy to modify and generate new motion primitives. They are named according to the types of motions they generate.



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