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Stack content

This stack contains the following packages

These packages depend on visp package that corresponds to the Open Source Visual Servoing Library last stable release packaged for ROS.


Installation from prebuild packages

vision_visp stack could be installed from prebuilt packages.

sudo apt-get install ros-$ROS_DISTRO-vision-visp

Installation from source

vision_visp stack could also be build and installed from source code following the steps described next.

Install ROS and create a catkin workspace

Bring the source

Get vision_visp stack:

Checkout the branch that matches your ROS distro:

Install dependencies

Build the source

You can also build a specific package

Test installation

Getting started

This stack allows you to track objects in real-time.

Report a bug

Use GitHub to report a bug or submit an enhancement.


2024-07-13 14:39