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Published Topics

This node publishes sensor_msgs/jointState messages on two topics for the raw and calibrated values. The two topics are /cyberglove/raw/joint_states and /cyberglove/calibrated/joint_states


You have access to 2 different services to control the glove node.

The Cyberglove, with the wrist button highlighted



The calibration file is loaded from the sr_control_gui/param/cyberglove.cal file. To change which file you want to use, you can simply edit the parameter path_to_calibration of the cyberglove.launch file.

<node pkg="cyberglove" name="cyberglove" type="cyberglove">
    <param name="cyberglove_prefix" type="string" value="/cyberglove" />
    <param name="publish_frequency" type="double" value="20.0" />
    <param name="path_to_glove" type="string" value="/dev/ttyS0" />
    <param name="path_to_calibration" type="string" value="$(find
    sr_control_gui)/param/cyberglove.cal" />

A calibration process is available in the cyberglove calibrator plugin of the sr_control_gui.

Which Versions of the Cyberglove have been tested

The standard Cyberglove connected to the serial port has been tested, as well as the bluetooth version of the cyberglove. To use the bluetooth version, you need to pair it with your computer. A good howto is available on the Gentoo wiki.

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