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To run this node, you need to have the sr_hand and the cyberglove node running. You can then run:

$ roslaunch sr_remappers remapper_glove.launch

It will remap the calibrated data coming from the cyberglove to the targets of the hand.

This node subscribe to the specified sensor_msgs/joint_states topic, and publishes a remapped vector on the specified sendupdate topic. It simply multiplies the input vector by a mapping matrix which is loaded into the parameter server by the remapper_glove.launch file.

You can find the default mapping matrix in sr_control_gui/param/GloveToHandMappings_generic.


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Internal Mechanics

The current default matrix is not optimal at all. The mapping from the Cyberglove to the Dexterous Hand is not a trivial task. There's some research being done on it, and we developed a mapping process using a simplex algorithm but it's in a very alpha stage and not yet released.

2024-07-20 14:46