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This package contains an interface to the tactile sensors used in our Dexterous Hand. The tactile sensors are - for the time being - simple pressure sensors, one on each finger tip, but they will evolve to more complex tactile sensors.

To ensure the same versatile use as the sr_hand package, the sr_tactile_sensors come in three flavours: dummy sensors, simulated sensors and real sensors.

There's a good example on how to use the data coming from the tactile sensors in the Fancy Touch Demo example


Published Topics

When you start the interface, two topics per sensors will be published (10 topics in all). Each sensor publishes a pressure value. Each of the topic is publishing a std_msgs/float64 value.

Here is a list of the published topics:


A parameter file containing the sensor names to use is loaded into the parameter server. By default it's in sr_tactile_sensors/param/sensor_names.yaml. This file contains:


By default, when you run rosmake sr_tactile_sensors, the tactiles are compiled as a set of dummy sensors.

To compile the interface to the real tactile sensors, run: REAL_HAND=1 rosmake sr_tactile_sensors.

If you want to compile the Gazebo tactile sensors: GAZEBO=1 rosmake sr_tactile_sensors.

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