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This package contains the description of the PR2 robot. It supercedes the older pr2_defs package which was written for the alpha hardware.

Package organization

This package contains robot description files for PR2, organized into subdirectories as follows:

Changes from Alpha URDFs

Some notable changes from pr2_defs:

PR2 Coordinate Frames

To see the PR2 URDF graphically, you can1

rosrun xacro xacro `rospack find pr2_description`/robots/pr2.urdf.xacro > pr2.urdf
urdf_to_graphiz pr2.urdf
evince pr2.pdf

A snapshot (r46956) is attached here for reference.

In general, PR2 URDF contains a tree structured set of links and joints, with base_footprint as the root link of the tree.

Working with a Kinect

To use the original Kinect with the PR2 (either robot or simulation), set the KINECT1 environment variable to true.

export KINECT1=true

To use a Kinect2 with the PR2 (either robot or simulation), set the KINECT2 environment variable to true.

export KINECT2=true

If both variables are set, the Kinect 2 will take precedence over the original Kinect.


  1. Starting with Electric Turtle, check_urdf and urdf_to_graphiz has been moved from urdf into urdf_parser. Since Groovy, the functionality of urdf_parser has been moved to urdfdom. (1)

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