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See http://rc-visard.com and http://doc.rc-visard.com for more details.

This package is not developed anymore. New clients are available in the rc_reason_clients package.


The components provide out-of-the-box perception solutions for robotic pick-and-place applications. ItemPick targets the detection of flat surfaces of unknown objects for picking with a suction gripper. BoxPick detects rectangular surfaces and determines their position, orientation and size for grasping. The interface of both components is very similar. Therefore both components are described together in this chapter.

For detail description of the modules check the following link: https://doc.rc-visard.com/latest/en/itempick.html



Since version 2.7, the device ID can be used instead of the sensor's IP address:

Dynamic reconfigure parameters

The following parameters are available for the ItemPick and BoxPick modules:

For the ItemPick module, two additional parameters are available:


The following services are offered by the nodes:

The BoxPick node offers an additional service:


Using command line parameters:

For the ItemPick module:

For the BoxPick module:

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