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The topic_logger package provides a SimpleActionServer which allows users to record bag-files. The topic_logger SimpleActionServer expects a goal which consists of a command (string), an ID (string) and the topics (vector of strings) that should be recorded. The SimpleActionServer checks the goal whether a start or a stop of recording is required. If a start is required he starts recording the topics specified in the goal to a bag-file and replies periodically the current file size of the bag-file as feedback. If a stop is required he stops recording data uploads the bag-file to a web server, deletes the local copy of the bag-file and replies the link to the uploaded bag-file as result. The topic_logger SimpleActionServer is supposed to work with the loggerwidget, which can be found in rosjs_remotelabwidgets, as the accompanying SimpleActionClient.


Running the topic_logger node

Before launching the topic_logger node you have to make this package using:

rosmake topic_logger

Afterwards you can launch the node using:

roslaunch topic_logger topicLogger_server.launch

This launch-file launches the node and sets several parameters on the ROS parameter server which are needed to execute the node. The parameters are:

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