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This a top-level package containing launch files for cart pushing on the robot. See the tutorials for instructions on how to do this. See individual package pages for more on the specific planners used. Here we provide instructions for common sorts of customizations you might want to make.

Customizing the cart geometry

See the tutorial for how to do this. The files launch/move_base/wg_holonomic_cart_params.yaml and launch/move_base/wg_holonomic_cart_filter_params.yaml are the ones that need to be edited.

Using a different map

Edit the parameter to map_server in launch/cart_pushing_robot.launch.

Changing the initial robot pose

Edit the parameter to set_initial_robot_pose in launch/cart_pushing_robot.launch.

Modifying general navigation and costmap parameters

The files in launch/move_base correspond to those in the standard PR2 nav stack.

Making the planning faster

See the parameters in sbpl_cart_planner.

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