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This package provides an application that allows a PR2 robot to navigate autonomously through a previously mapped environment.


The pr2_2dnav application requires some prerequisite steps in order to run.

Bring up the Robot

As with all PR2 applications, you must bring up your robot.

Provide a Map

This application assumes that a map is provided. Please see documentation on the map_server for information on providing a map over ROS.

Tuck the Arms

Tuck the arms of the PR2 using the pr2_tuckarm application.

Running the Application

The pr2_2dnav application can be run with the following command:

roslaunch pr2_2dnav pr2_2dnav.launch

Interacting with the Application

The navigation stack that is the heart of the pr2_2dnav application can be commanded via rviz, nav_view, or through code.


Through Code

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