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rosgraph_msgs contains message relating to the ROS Computation Graph. Most users are not expected to interact with messages in this package, and it is strongly advised against. These messages are generally wrapped in higher level APIs.

Prior to Diamondback, these messages were in the roslib package. They were migrated to this package as part of REP 100.


rosgraph_msgs/Log is the underlying message data structure for logging to rosout. If you use the client API methods in rospy and roscpp, you will be protected against any future revisions to this message.

rosgraph_msgs/Clock is used for simulated clock in ROS. Only nodes that provide simulated time sources are expected to use this message.

New in ROS indigo rosgraph_msgs/TopicStatistics is used by roscpp and rospy for publishing statistics on topic connections on /statistics. See Topics for more information.

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