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rosnode command-line tool

The rosnode command-line tool displays information about ROS Nodes. The currently supported commands are:

rosnode info    print information about node
rosnode kill    kill a running node
rosnode list    list active nodes
rosnode machine list nodes running on a particular machine or list machines
rosnode ping    test connectivity to node
rosnode cleanup purge registration information of unreachable nodes

rosnode info

rosnode kill

IMPORTANT: rosnode kill is not guaranteed to succeed. If a node is hung or set to "respawn" in roslaunch, it may either fail to die or may quickly reappear.

rosnode list

rosnode machine

New in Fuerte

rosnode ping

rosnode cleanup

IMPORTANT: rosnode cleanup was meant as a temporary solution and its use was not encouraged in normal operation. Its benefit is aesthetic and it has the downside of potentially unregistering functioning nodes. Relevant discussion.


rosnode is a stable command-line tool within the ROS core toolchain. No major feature development is currently scheduled for this tool.

2024-07-20 14:44