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For a graphical version of rosgraph, please see rqt_graph.

Command-line tools


rosgraph is a console version of rqt_graph. It periodically displays information about your current graph in a text format. To use it, simply type:

$ rosgraph

Python API

New in C Turtle

The rosgraph package contains the rosgraph.masterapi module, which implements a Python library for interacting with the low-level ROS Master API.

For other Python libraries for interacting with the ROS graph, see rostopic, rosnode, rosservice, and rosparam.


There are no plans to update the rosgraph tool at this time. The Python API may expand as necessary to provide access to other ROS graph primitives, though those are currently covered by the rostopic, rosnode, and rosservice libraries as well.

2024-07-13 14:37